Code once, run on all devices

Code once, run on all devices.

Welcome to FirmaSite App Solution, a powerful development tool for creating apps on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS using WordPress.

We believe our solution is a milestone for WordPress theming, using established technologies to create an innovative product that building the future of web, mobile and offline.

At FirmaSite App Solution, we understand the importance of efficiency, ease-of-use, and extendability in content management. That’s why we’ve developed a product that follows accessibility standards and search engine optimization best practices, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality content without the hassle of complicated technical issues.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Our solution is designed to be cross-platform, offering a seamless experience on the web, iOS & Android mobile apps, Windows & macOS computer programs. With simplicity and scalability in mind, our solution can handle growing demands and changing needs over time with a plan for future growth.

We take an offline-first approach, ensuring data accessibility even in situations where the internet is not available. In emergency or critical scenarios, this feature can potentially save lives.

Your data, your server.

Your data, your server.

Cloud or dedicated public server? Maybe you need to build for private intranets for allowing your organization to store, organize, and easily retrieve important information in private networks without accessing the global internet.

From data security to the cost of serving it, freedom of hosting decisions is critical. With our solution, you have the flexibility to make the right hosting decision for your business needs.

Our product is designed for efficient development, allowing for code reuse and reducing development costs drastically. Don’t reinvent the wheel – choose FirmaSite App Solution for an innovative, easy-to-use, and reliable development tool.